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Final Exam
Mgt 3030

1. The final exam will require written/essay answers based on THREE of the following scenarios. You will be provided with clean copies of the scenarios for the exam.
2. Questions will be graded on the thoroughness of the answer. The grading rubric is attached to this document. Each scenario has equal weight.
3. I will be available, during office hours or by appointment, to support your study process. This support will be limited to helping you understand the course concepts and theory. I cannot answer questions directly related to the scenarios or how the theories could be directly applied to these scenarios.
4. You are encouraged to prepare for this exam with your colleagues, e.g. your assigned work group. Feel free to discuss the scenarios and your approaches with your classmates. The actual exam, however, is to be an individual effort. Any incidence of cheating will receive in an automatic F in the course.
5. This will be a closed book exam. No course materials, including your working copies of these scenarios, will be permitted into the exam room. (Binders, book bags, etc. will be left at the front of the exam room for collection after the exam is completed.) No electronics (headphones, Palmpilots etc.) are permitted.
6. As this is a closed book exam and access to your references/sources (text, lecture notes) are not available, you will not be expected to cite your sources on the final exam.

Hints: Evidence of critical thinking will be rewarded. Do not limit your answer to repetition of the course material. Make sure that you link theory to the scenarios. Where applicable, use multiple theories to examine the dynamics of the scenario. If asked to discuss power and politics, for example, do not discuss only one type of power. Remember that although the text and lectures treated many concepts as discrete units (for example the chapter on diversity) that many of the concepts are also interwoven throughout the text (diversity, for example, is also discussed in job design and other units.) Although the scenarios provide sufficient depth of content to answer the questions, you may make assumptions about material not explicitly presented. You are encouraged to do so, however, you must state these assumptions explicitly ( a list entitled “assumptions” may be helpful or statements beginning “assuming that…”). Further, these assumptions may not contradict information presented in the case itself. Spelling and grammar are important to ensure that your points are understood. If I can’t understand what you have written, I cannot assess your knowledge on the course content.

Scenario 1: Rough Seas on the LINK650
Professor Suzanne Baxter was preparing for her first class of the semester when Shaun O'Neill knocked lightly on the open door and announced himself: "Hi, Professor, I don't suppose you remember me?" Professor Baxter had large classes, but she did remember that Shaun was a student in her organizational behaviour class two years earlier. Shaun had decided to work in the oil industry for a couple of years before returning to school to complete his diploma.
"Welcome back!" Baxter said as she beckoned him into the office. "I heard you were on an East coast oil rig. How was it?"
"Well, Professor," Shaun began, "I had worked two summers in Alberta's oil fields, so I hoped to get a job on the LINK650, the new CanOil drilling rig that arrived with so much fanfare in St. John's two years ago. The LINK650 was built by LINK, Inc., in Dallas, Texas. A standard practice in this industry is for the rig manufacturer to manage its day-to-day operations, so employees on the LINK650 are managed completely by LINK managers with no involvement from CanOil. No one has forgotten the Ocean Ranger tragedy, but drilling rig jobs pay well and offer generous time off. The newspaper said that nearly one thousand people lined up to complete job applications for the 50 nontechnical positions. I was lucky enough to get one of