Management and Goal Essay

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Blueprint For Professional & Personal Growth
Gustavo A. Cardenas Ortega
Walden University
Dynamic Leadership
December 14th, 2014
Executive Summary of the Course
Leadership is a process of social influence in which one person can recruit the aid and support of people in the accomplishment of a common goal (Chemers, 1997). Throughout this course, we have studied the concepts of leadership, followership, and the importance they have in achieving the success of the company. Furthermore, followership refers to the people that are lead by a leader. Followers are constantly looking for the opportunity to be inspired, to belong to something bigger. To illustrate, Johnson (2011) pointed out that in order to have a successful company, leaders have to have effective followers, and they will be only as good as their subordinates.
Thought the course, my classmates, and I also discussed that leaders will achieve effectiveness the moment they learn how to recognize the type of followers within the organization and the better leadership style to address them. According to Goleman (2000), it is imperative that leaders switch styles between situations in order to take advantage of the quality of the organization’s employees. After this course, I will able to communicate better with people and create specific techniques in order to motivate them and achieve the goals of my team.
Additionally, the content of the assignments of this course have changed the way I think about leadership and followership. Before, I used to believe that leaders only dictated what to do; now I think the work of a leader is a teacher to the followers. We have to motivate employees to achieve their potential. We also have to provide them with a safe environment and the tools to perform their work safely. In particular, I reinforce that motivation is crucial for the survival of the company thanks to the weekly discussion that I had with my peers all over the world. The opportunity to analyze and experience different point of view is invaluable. In conclusion, I leave this course with a clear set of values and principles that will help achieve my dreams. I also take real meaning of leadership and the power a leader has to influence people lives and society successfully.

Blueprint for Professional & Personal Growth
A plan of action is a set of objectives and milestones that have to be measurable in order to achieve a particular goal. In the second part of this paper, we will develop an action plan for three goals. I will present the following action plans in order to achieve the resulting goals.
Goal One: To become a Guest Restaurant Service Manager Intern at Walt Disney World Resort before May 2015
I have been aiming to achieve this goal for two years. But, it is until now that I have all the tools and requirements to meet the criteria to be eligible for the internship. The promotion I am seeking is crucial to me because it is the first step in a long-term career I am looking to build at Disney. It is also crucial because I am trying to fulfill the expectation I have set to myself. To illustrate, the question that my instructor provided me last week helps me realize that I am a leader looking to obtain more power and influence, and to be an agent of social change.
The professional value I will draw for achieving this goal would be the implementation of my passion and knowledge for coaching. Obtaining the role within the company will allow coaching and motivating cast members to go above and beyond to their daily activities. I believe that a happy follower will be translated into better customer service and job performance. In other hand, the concepts I will draw of this course like multi leadership styles, motivation, and how to approach followers will allow me to become a better leader since, I will have the bases and theories to implement new techniques and methods in my work location.
Furthermore, the personal growth that I hope to achieve