Management and Goals Essay

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I am writing to let all my classmates and instructors know some things I have learned in this class. It has been a great experience for me in this class and I have learned so much more just in one class, isn’t that great? In just one class I learn so much you never that you’d know. Academic strategies I have gained in this course would definitely be time management, setting study goals for myself, and how to be self- motivated and self- disciplined, I think that I still may need some more work on time management, because I believe I could’ve took out more of my time to study than I did in this course and I will definitely do better in my next course. I also think I can do better in being self- motivated and self- disciplined in the next course also, because I was motivated in this course but not as motivated as I think that I could’ve been. My academic goals are to be able to put more of my time into studying my work more than I did in this course and to become more motivated so that way I can obtain the degree I want in a few years and be able to reach my main goal to be a personal care provider. A way that I can implement what I have learned in this class so I can move forward in my degree program is by using all my notes that I have made in this class that are yet to come so I can always look back at what I learned in this class.

I have many of goals that I want to make come true in my life so here are a few of the main goals I have set for myself; My short- term goals are to be able to keep my grades up in college classes so that way I can pass all my classes with flying colors, my next short- term goal is to get my associate’s degree in business management so that way I can make my main career goal come true in the future. The main goals in my life are academic and professional for me to get a good career and achieve