Management and Good Business Qualities Essay

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Management Style
Corine Powell
June 15, 2015
Sandra Marken
Management Style
There are many places where management is required. Management is where a person or persons must take charge to ensure things are done in an efficient manner. Many of us manage more than we realize. We manage at home, in social environments, some even at work. Good qualities for a manager to have can be broken down into four categories: personal characteristics, business characteristics, communication skills, and relationship skills. Some important personal qualities are self-motivation, integrity, dependability, optimism, confidence, calmness and flexibility. Good business qualities include industry knowledge, knowing when to delegate, organization, basic money management, knowing the business hierarchy, and knowledge of legal implications. Ideal communication skills to have are public speaking, constructive feedback, active listening, ability specific when giving instructions, and presentation skills. Finally good relationship qualities consist of customer service, ability to mediate, being a team player, respect, collaboration abilities, and valuing others. of course no one is perfect there are also some poor qualities that managers may possess as well. Having to control everything and not be able to release that control is one of those poor qualities. Another poor quality a manager may poses is indecisiveness. The inability to make quick decisions when necessary can pose a real problem. Stubbornness is a third quality that is not conducive of a good manager. No one is always right and it is better to have an open mind and know you may be wrong. Resistance to change is not a good way to be when managing because without change there can be no real progress. Some other qualities include but are not limited to fear, micromanagement, favoritism, arrogance, anger, being overemotional, not being able to take credit for ones mistakes, and being visionless. As mentioned before management skills are