Management and High Talents Essay example

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This article tells me that in the information time, the economy is also operated on knowledge. In this situation, a new form of organizational form emerges, namely, a community of practice. It is informally formed, and members in this team are freely sharing information. I know that communities of practice are rather effective and have been applied in many organizations as a soft management fad. It brings many benefits like improve organizational performances, help solve problems, promote the spread of new practices, cultivate staffs’ professional skills and help companies retain high talents. However, it is not been applied widely due to three reasons: it is new to ventures, its free running style makes companies fear that there are difficulties in managing staffs. Communities of practice are different from other organizational forms such as teams. Teams are formed formally while communities of practice are formed informally. If I experience the process of beginning an imagined community of practice, I would use communities of practice to manage high talents since the current society human resources are critical asset for organizations’ further development. However, it tells me that potential communities have already existed; hence I should have the ability to identify them and provide capital and time to support them. As it is hard to assess the value of communities, I should listen to members’ stories. This can help me clarify the complex relationships among knowledge,