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ITC358 - ICT Management and Information

Assessment item 1


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Question 1:

Google Reconnaissance
We attempt to search data command to the system files that are stored in Microsoft Excel.

Figure [ 1 ] – Q1.Step 4

Figure [ 2 ] – Step 5

Search result

Figure [ 3 ] - Step5.1
Screen shot on one of the files, which contains user name and passwords.

Figure [ 4 ] - Step 6
We attempt to find the pages that contains password list in the clear text format. Clear text is mostly referring to data that is transmitted or stored unencrypted.

Figure [ 5 ] - Step 7
The result.

Figure [ 6 ] - Step 7.2
This is an example of one of the cleartext find by our search.

Question 2:

The provided link is not available any more so I find the program in the net.

Figure [ 7 ] - Q2.Step 1

Figure [ 8 ] - Q2.Step 4

Figure [ 9 ] - Q2.Step 4

Figure [ 10 ] - Q2. Step 6
Screenshot after activating the keylogger.

Figure [ 11 ] - Q2.Step 11
After doing some activities and in the logs I find out that program records all my keyboard inputs.

Figure [ 12 ] - Q2.Step 14

The program is running in task manager the reason is that this program is in the task manager is could be because it is just trail software or it could be the feature of this program. The other reason could be because this program is design for security for individuals not for harming.

Question 3:

Virus Attacks
Now a day’s virus is become a big security issue for people or any organization who using computers. Some of these viruses are made to harm the systems and some are made to steal sensitive information or data. Viruses on the other had big companies like Symantec or MacAfee are dealing with today`s complex security threats by updating their database for newest viruses, malware, Trojan horse and ….
In the figure below us showing the Current Threats (bear in mind that different websites might have different results)

Figure [ 13 ] - current Threats
Ref: Copyright © 2004 Eset, spol. s r.o. But these viruses are just small number of millions of harmful viruses on the internet. There are some viruses that infect big number of computers in only few days like virus “I LOVE YOU” another similar attack but with different aim happened few month back this virus call Kneber botnet .
This virus focused on stealing login credentials for e-mail systems, social networks, and banking sites, according to Netwitness. Kneber is incredibly hard to detect and has reportedly compromised data from nearly 2500 corporate and government and corporate networks around the world.
This virus infected about 75000 computers worldwide including some US government agencies - collecting login credentials from online financial, social networking sites