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PROSPECTUS 2010-2011

Advancing British Excellence in Education

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Message of Welcome
Education in the United Kingdom (UK) has always been an exciting experience. This is particularly true for all international students, irrespective of their cultural roots or origins of nationality. The UK provides a truly multi-cultural and a distinctly richer learning experience where students from around the world come together to exchange innovative ideas and methodologies. For this very reason UK learning institutions, such as Maryland College London are world renowned for being centres of learning excellence that provide cutting edge training so valued by employers the world over.. Maryland College London (MCL) is conveniently located in the heart of East London and is within easy reach of Central London which hosts some of the most powerful organisations in the global financial sector and serves as the home of world-leading legal services sector. The MCL team are profoundly committed to uphold and enhance the traditional British image of excellence in education, disseminating and transmitting knowledge to those who cherish learning and sharing knowledge in order to meet the challenges of the global age. We at Maryland view ourselves to be different from others in the field, as we have the background and legacies of British excellence and are determined to carry them forward. The education we offer is affordable and exceptional value for money. We are pledgebound to work with you in your career planning and help you in charting the course of your professional life. We will be with you when you require our support in materialising the dreams and vision of your life. The course programmes we have planned are so oriented that students upon completion of their studies may enter into final stage of undergraduate and/or graduate programmes of many UK or overseas universities. The academic focus of all our programmes is both job and profession-oriented and structured to meet the very high standards demanded by the leading the examining/awarding bodies. The courses are flexible but professionally exacting, suited to individual aspirations and needs, irrespective of age. Our teaching methods are attuned to be more practical and scenario based than abstract or theoretical, with innovative techniques applied both for tutoring and mentoring. Our distinguished teaching staffs are academically multi-disciplined and have extensive professional experience