Management and Open-door Policy Essay

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• Being a manager for the Back Room at Hy-Vee requires that he work with the people in stock, working with what comes in to the store and how it is stored or put out onto the shelves on the floor. This position also requires that he oversee all of the side departments, making sure that they are staying on task and operating efficiently.
• Being a manager for the Front End of the store requires him to make sure that the cashiers and registers are operating effectively and at a fast pace. Being at the Front also means that he has to deal with all of the customer complaints. The overall goal for the position is to make sure everything is running smoothly and keeping everybody busy.
• Nate’s position requires more of a responsibility because he has to oversee the whole store. Other managers that are in charge of their own department are more specific with their numbers and what is going on in their section. Nate has to make sure each department is connected and stays on task while running efficiently and providing good customer service.
• Nate works both as a team, and an individual. Him and the other managers usually get together about once a month to discuss how things are going for the overall store. As an individual, he walks around and oversees how each department is doing with their assigned task.
• Good communication leads to being more efficient. The assistant managers who are the head of their departments usually keep in contact with each other well, leading to a smoother process for special orders and overall customer satisfaction.
• Hy-Vee operates on a very informal communication system. One of the things that Hy-Vee takes pride in is their open-door policy. People below the managerial position can come up to managers any time and express problems or certain situations that might need some extra help. Also, the managers like to come down with the employees and see how everything is going. The open-door policy works both ways to lead to a more comfortable work setting that makes everybody a little bit more relaxed, but also can be stressful when a job is not being done properly. • If employees every need to get a hold of Nate, they usually page him using the intercom for a more immediate response. They also can come to his office any time or give him a call at his office phone.
• An improvement can be made in communication between Nate and his employees by seeming more…