Essay about Management and Petrie’s Electronics

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Systems Analysis
Week 2

Chapter 3 Petrie’s Electronics

1. What qualities might Jim possess that would make him a successful project manager?
Jim seems to be very professional and sociable, as the assistant director of information of technology he has good insight into what the project will need and what elements are required for the customer relationship project. His excitement on managing his first big project tells me that he is experienced, and that he is ready to apply his knowledge.
2. How do you think Jim should respond to Ella’s implied pressure about the importance of the project to her?
Jim should use that additional pressure as motivation. Since Ella is expecting Bob to keep her updated on the project progress, I think Jim should allow Bob to have a good amount of input and responsibility within the project so that he will be motivated to succeed and pass on positive information to Ella.

3. What strategies might Jim employ to deal with a very busy team member such as Carmen Sanchez?

Jim will need to implement a lot of project and team management skills, and make sure that there is good communication between all team members so that clear goals are identified and time isn’t wasted during meetings. He will need to do risk assessment and use leadership skills to monitor progress and communicate his expectations and the organizations expectations.

Chapter 4 Petrie’s Electronics

1. Look over the scope statement (PE Figure 4-1). If you were an employee at Petrie’s
Electronics, would you want to work on this project? Why or why not?
If I were an employee at Petrie’s I would want to be on this project because I believe that its importance will allow major growth for the company. There are also a lot of important people overseeing the progress of the project such as the COO. Also the data that goes into the program would also be very important for