Management and Pizza Hut Essay

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Finance and Planning

In support of our business goals, the Pizza Hut Finance function is split into two teams, Control and Planning.
The overall role of Control is to ensure that our financial statements are accurate and reflect a true and fair view of our business performance. It ensures that all transactions entered into by Pizza Hut are appropriately recorded. It also has a responsibility to ensure that our assets are protected, through appropriate controls and processes. Within Control, we have teams that are responsible for the following:
• Preparing and reporting accurate data to Senior management, Investors and Statutory bodies

• Supporting the expansion programmes of the Franchising and Business development teams

• Analysing variances from Plan and Forecasts to facilitate and influence decision making

• Paying over 12,500 employees on a weekly basis and ensuring the related tax and statutory responsibilities are discharged

• • Paying the suppliers who keep us supplied with food, drink and the services that we need to run our restaurants

i) Identification of any success factors and obvious areas for improvement.
The Pizza Hut restaurant operation is the face of the company. The role of operations is to be obsessed with the quality of our pizza and the experience that our customers receive. There are 3 distinct categories of restaurants. Full Service Restaurants these are the traditional pizza restaurants offering a seated service and…