Training And Training Programs For Employee Work In A Diverse Environment

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The company should develop proper training programs which will help employees work in a diverse environment. From these programs, the employees will learn how to reach a client and work with people of different culture and background. The programs will also help managers and employees to develop open-mindedness, behavioural flexibility, empathy, tolerance of differences and ability to connect with others. For the advancement of a diverse workforce, the company can incorporate performance appraisal and organizational reward systems. Diversity issues based on age, gender or ethnicity vary from company to company. Hence, the initiatives taken to deal with these issues have to be monitored. Oak Grove Technologies did not have proper training and advancement programs for minorities and female workers. The departmental managers need to give sufficient time to their subordinates. They should give empowerment to the employees especially women and minorities by coaching. Coaching is defined as a conversation that follows a predictable process and leads to superior performance, commitment to sustained improvement, and positive relationships. Before providing coaching, the reason for unsatisfactory performance should be figured out by the managers. They should be aware of the situation. In case, the employees are ignorant of the fact that they have not performed well, the managers should give feedback to them. Sometimes workers are not certain about what their managers expect from