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Role of Stakeholder Paper
Tracy W Clemons
August 5, 2013
John Fritch

Role of Stakeholder
Stakeholders in implementing a quality management process are individuals or constituencies that have an interest or contribute to creating growth and wealth within the organization. The stakeholders are also the beneficiaries and risk bearers that have a chance to loose from failure of the process. There are many stakeholders in the quality management process.
There are two types of stakeholders in this process; there are primary and secondary stakeholders. The primary stakeholders are internal such as stockholders, customers, suppliers, creditors, and employees. The primary stakeholders are those who usually focus on the product or service that company sells. The stockholders are the owners who play their part in the process through market sharing and profitability. The customer’s roles are to give feedback on quality of the product. The suppliers provide quality products to the organization. The creditors deal with new contracts and liquidity. The employees give truthful communication to management/leadership on processes, quality and efficiency because they are interested in job security.
The secondary types of stakeholders are external and are those that individuals that are affected by the failure or achievement of the quality process, these individuals usually focus on the quality of business management. These stakeholders are the general public and local communities. The specific roles of the public and communities are to make sure that the management process of the organization protects the environment, local jobs and give feedback to the organization on behalf of the public.
The stakeholders influence the quality management process in situations such as the grocery store chains and manufacturing production. Kroger acknowledges the advantages of