Management and Shift Leader Position Essay

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1. 1200 expected for next year
a. 1200
b. Shift leader= 600 for year 2, 192 for year 3, 360 for exits. Departmental Manager= 493 for year 3, 102 for year 4, 255 for exits. Assistant Store Manager= 9 for year 3, 69 for year 4, 12 for year 5, 60 for exits. Store Manager= 33 for year 5, 17 for exits
c. The fact that retail is an undesirable position has already caused an issue with finding talent. Even though the labor market is “soft”, the forecasts suggests that the expansion in managerial sectors may reduce the number of individuals available for those positions
d. See second page
e. I believe that for the store manager and assistant store manager, they should hire internally based on their strong values of culture. From store associates, shift leaders, and department managers they can use their method of hiring individuals with experience or educational degree. The positions are not as high and by that time the individual will have a better insight of the Tanglewood culture. The retail positions should be transferred to the, main store in Washington so they can experience the original way of Tanglewood.
2. I believe the female availability and incumbency of store associates and department managers are short. The shift leader for minorities also falls short. This pattern tells me that the female workers are set at the shift leader position. The minorities seem to be doing well at the associates and manager level.
3. I believe there is no right way of recruiting…