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Strategic planning for small business

State the strategic position and direction you are adopting for your business?
Financial Goal
Increase sales
Set new technique and promotional goals

Use different medium of advertising and also introduce some new electronic gadgets
Create a link between 100 people and have a talk about our events
Sale of 120 tickets within 30 days
Customer Goal
Increase featuring
Create two categories in customers
a) Gold customer: -Regular and who paid for VIP ticket
b) Normal customers : - With normal tickets
a) Special arrangements for Gold customers
b) Create different list and separation in two areas
Many customers come to get VIP tickets
20 passes has been issued
Operational Goal
Staff maintenance
-Hire experienced staff

A experienced person can handle two or more things at one time
Team work and performance

2. Use the information provided in assignment – 2?
* The business:
a) Name of business: New Zealand talent and event management (NZTEM)
(b) Services and product offered: Talent and entertainment management for all types of function
Example: - Dance, Magic shows, stunts, circus tricks, Art, Music ( DJ )and Actual food and taste of some countries.
We are providing platform to hidden talent and we are organise events in wellington town where we present art and talent. We are showing these events at high level and we have different age group in our audience. Our income resources are become selling tickets and companies who want in advertise in our shows. This project is going very successful.
Nature and theme of my business is related to every common person’s life and my motive is to do something for society with creating entertaining environment.
For this business my values and beliefs are:
Multi-Cultural events: - My motive is to bring all the cultures together by showing international art and cultural events. And New Zealand is a multi-cultural country so my belief is if they will know each other’s culture it will be good creates a good bounding between everyone Example: In Asian country without marriage people are not allowed to live with their Boyfriend or girlfriend but here it’s totally different. Personally I faced some problem like Language barrier, difference in behaviour or reaction. So if everyone knows their culture and values it will be create brotherhood.
Give platform to Street performer: Always to go further in life everyone need a chance to show his ability to do something. As I am so much interested in music and writing and I am keep on doing this from last few years but I never get chance to show my talent to others. This thing gives me motivation to find people who have great talent but they just waste it because they don’t have money and platform. I really want to create a stage for them where they can prove their self and I am sure I will get a hope to full fill my dreams as well.
Social responsibility:
*These cultural events are very useful in providing social messages example: various artists can perform skits, dramas etc. which give some kind of social message to the society.
*we will support the education system with some of our profit share (Education for kiwi children’s)
* We will give jobs to young talent and also motivate people to do something like us and try to decrease unemployment.
Vision: -
We are proving a entertainment from the audience and to the audience. You can get big bang entertainment at one place.

* Code of practice:
* Our team undertaking the responsibility completely, honestly and reliably for customers and government bodies
*Conduct our team according to highest ethical standards when participating in, organising, and an event Example: they will take care about every culture and do not use bad language and provocative speech.
* Obey the rules of the government legislation and cultural