Characteristics Of Team Leader

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In this essay I am going to identify the characteristics the team leaders possessed, the skills the team leaders possessed and the importance of being able to adapt.
Characteristics the Team Leader possessed
The characteristics Melody (team leader of Team Venture) had was a positive attitude to win the competition. Before they started their business Melody encouraged her team and inspired them and gave them confidence by saying that they are going to win which helped her team to relax and think more clearly. She encouraged her team by saying things like, “we certainly have talent amongst us to win it” and “the plan is definitely going to win it” and “the sky’s not the limit when there are footprints on the moon.” Melody’s style of leadership also took in account her team members opinions. She listened to her team members ideas and discussed them to make the business achieve better. She also organised her team by putting everyone in charge of something e.g. Edna was in charge of finance and someone else was in charge of sales.
However the characteristics of Edward (team leader of logic) were not as good as Melody (Team Venture). Edward didn’t really have a positive attitude to win the competition. He didn’t motivate the team to do their best. “Just role with the punch,” was the only advice he had for his team members when he was elected leader. His style of leadership wasn’t really good either because he didn’t organise the team properly e.g. he didn’t assign anyone to be in charge of a particular area, he didn’t take into account other peoples ideas, rushed through the plans and mostly made his own decisions without discussing it properly with his team. He wasn’t confident about being leader because he didn’t have experience in that area and why it made him rush through ideas and plans.

Skills the Team Leader possessed
Some of the skills Melody (team leader of Team Venture) had was she had experience in running and looking after a team. This helped her do well in her role as team leader because she knew what she was doing and she was confident and comfortable with it. Another skill she had was that before they started the business she planned out ahead. She made a rough idea how the business is going to go, how much they will spend on their products, what they going to sell to help attract more customers and how much they going to sell them for. This plan worked out well for her team because she spend only £170 out of her £250 budget and made three times more than her budget. She also has her own business where she manages products globally and knew how to organize their business to meet the customer needs. She also had good communication skills and she able to communicate with her team members easily and gave them clear instructions and made sure they understood.
Edward (team leader of logic) took charge but didn’t really have any skills in running and looking after a team because he never had that experience. This didn’t help in doing his role because he wasn’t really sure about what he was doing and wasn’t really confident. He didn’t have good communication skills so he wasn’t able to give clear instructions to his team members and often left them unsure about what they have to do. While running the team and business he didn’t use any of his accountant