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Tell me about a time when you made a mistake, how did you handle it?
Business contains of mistakes and events every day. Actually business built on trails and mistakes. In technology industry, when I’m in R & D, mistake helps business to find a clear and successful direction to launch products. If I make a mistake, I would record this into R & D journal, analyze and learn from this. This kind of mistake can help me to build up data source to find the final solution in R&D.
As for the negative effect of mistakes, when come to little influence mistake, I would apologize to my team member and try to avoid this next time to optimize on my business behavior. If it happens to a huge effect mistake, I would calm down first in mind and then find any possible clue to reverse the occurrence back. I may work with my most trusted and best tacit companion first to assess severity, then find possible solution to reduce the influence and to regain the trust and support. If the mistake assessed to be serious to control, I would immediately report to my direct manager to build a smooth communication channel first, and then ready to receive following instruction and execution from him.

3. What is your greatest weakness? What is your greatest strength?
My weakness is once when I set up a target, I would try my best to find out the most prefect and practical salutation, and ignore any interference from outside. This makes me can’t concentrate on two or more main targets at the same time, and takes me more time and energy to figure the solution than others. Typically, this may provides valuable solution to the team, but also cause low efficient to the whole working process as for the team. Nowadays, one of my symptomatic salutation to the weakness is providing the core solutions to meet team, and leave the minutiae off to the make whole team more efficient.

In terms of greatest strength in business management, I am an innovative and pragmatic professional manager, which can be justified by my successful experiences. When I was in charge of knowledge management in 2009, I successfully helped to establish the enterprise as a “learning organization” that solved such issues as corporate culture cohesion, cultivation of senior personnel, and training of professional personnel. This original mode was then used as the official platform for knowledge management, producing several core management and high-tech talents, dozens of middle-level management talents and a great number of new specialized talents every year. Then in 2010 when I was responsible for process management, I proposed “the rule of law management” and founded a brand-new management procedure and standard containing more than 30 steps and an operation manual, in order to solve the problems of operational quality and efficiency. This new set of management procedure and standard was applied to finance, logistics, marketing, management, after-sales service, etc. That saved considerable time and cost for the enterprise, and was well embraced by the clients of the industry. Later, in 2011 when I was engaged in brand construction, I upgraded the corporate information system so as to improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise. I also helped to build customer relation management system, administrative office platform and enterprise internet platform, which greatly increased its annual sales profits and expanded its scale year by year.

4. Tell me about a time you were leading a team and had to influence someone who you didn't have formal authority over - How did you handle it?
It is not difficult to cope with issues like not responsive to the team's leader. I can do something as a team leader to help based on the actual situation. For example, try my best to be accepted by team members and to become their model so that they can get