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Thomas Zak
College Success
Mr. Keicher
February 23 2013

10 years: Life

In 10 years no one knows honestly what is going to happen, we can be on the cover of a magazine or on the corner of a street looking for cans. Nothing in this world is promised, however if your goals and priorities are put in place a long-term goal can be achieved. 10 years from now I plan on having a loving family, good job, sustainable income. Currently being a senior in high school I am not certain of what my future brings but, I do know that if I try hard at succeeding throughout college I will push myself into the right path. I am planning to go to college and follow a career path along industrial design or a personal business. I want to go to college to meet new people, experience new things, and learn stuff I never knew. In 10 years from now I plan on having a small family consisting of one daughter, one son, and a couple of animals. I plan on having my kids close in age so they will be together throughout school and it will be easier to raise them instead of an age gap. I also want to be close with my son and daughter and be involved, but never push them to do what they don’t want to do. I also think animals create a peaceful and protective environment for my family. 10 years from now I plan on living in a suburban area, however, my ultimate goal is to live in a rural country like home. A place with a lot of land for my family and a lot of room to invite my family over. I believe a family…