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Internship Periods 6-7

When you look up the definition of time management you’ll find that it is the art of arranging, organizing, scheduling, and budgeting one’s time for the purpose of generating more effective work and productivity. So the question is how do I mange my time?, When it comes to time management I try to manage my time very well and I am often very productive and rarely procrastinate; but lately I have not been doing so well trying to juggle school assignments, college applications, work, my internship, and trying to find free time to hang out with friends. Trying to find a way to fix this problem and get back to the normal leased stressed Laurine, I am beginning to manage my time better. I do this by writing down a to do list for the day, whether it be homework, test dates, quizzes and projects, what to do for my boss or so on. I am trying to be organized so everything wouldn’t be all over the place and very hard to find. For school, I have a binder and a divided and that makes finding things to do very easy and done at the right time. As for applying to colleges, I used my calendar as a way of remembering deadlines and other important dates, like when the next SAT is, and when to turn in recommendations and transcripts. I intern at a Law office downtown silver spring and it can be often busy someday. Some days we barely get time to relax while other days its very slow. I try my best to keep organized at work, and keep all of the folders and files neat and organized for my boss because he rarely has time to do so. Each clients folder, we put in draws and keep locked up, Often