Management Area 71: Part Of The Frontier Of America

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To whom it may concern, Management Area 71 is possibly one of the best advantages and key elements to getting through the energy crisis that will be in our midst over the next two decades. Though this is land to be cherished and viewed as something of the frontier of America, if handled in the right manner we can utilize the resources that it offers through mining its abundance of coal, oil, natural gases, and logging timber for production and development. These resources can be harvested without destroying the glory of this more beautiful part of Wyoming and still leaving it a place that people can enjoy for camping with the family, hunting game, and even exploring in hopes of seeing true nature at its best. This area is a staggering 3.4 million acres, and as long as we follow strict guidelines then we can utilize this, one of America’s great assets, without too much harm to the natural environment. Currently this land is being preserved, used as land for exploration on horseback, and also for game hunting. Management Area 71 is the largest peace of untouched land in the US, which will make it easy to harvest the resources such as natural gas and oil. Not only will this push America in the direction of being a self-sustaining country but it will also create a lot of jobs and help the economy immensely. Here in America we take energy for granted, not realizing what we go through in order to maintain trade of natural resources we do not have. There are some countries that it is common for people to pay up near ten dollars for a gallon of gas. If we as a nation do not act fast we could be paying prices similar to that in the very near future. Nobody wants to eliminate or harm an ecosystem such as the one in management area 71, but we need to act in order to maintain the current American way of life. Some opposed to these actions worry that we will totally destroy this precious land, or fatally alter the ecosystem, stating that putting in operations for drilling will affect paths of migration and also cause some animals to lose their homes all together, but that is the nice thing about animals and nature: they will adapt and find a new way to live and a new way to migrate. There is always going to be some form of collateral damage for progress but with that being said with the right support and cooperation we can work toward finding a way that we can minimize the damage to any sort of change made to the environment, and also continue to keep some of the land a preserve for hunting and exploring. With new technology it will be easy to promote leaving the environment as untouched as possible. Th So what is more important for us as a country? Do we keep this land untouched for the few to roam and explore, or do we stand as a country independent with our own sources of oil and gas so that we as a country can not only prosper but also maintain our seat as the main superpower in the world. Our economy would take a huge step down the road of recovery, and more importantly provide middle class to the public. This is why it is so important that we move forward with this and gain support. I know that collateral damage can be minimized if we work together for that and we keep an open mind about drilling and progress. A lot of times people will stay close minded to the long-term benefits of an idea and