Essay about Management Behavior

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To : First Level Sales Managers
From: Midlevel Sales Manager


The merger of InterClean and EnviroTech companies creates a response towards how employee and staff behaviors will affect the two companies’ work ethics and its efficiency to operate. It is imperative that its higher echelons show behaviors of sound leadership, trust and enthusiasm which will create a healthy and efficient work environment conducive to high productivity.
The transformation or merger of the two companies will strengthen the two firms; its top priority will be to provide the utmost level of quality service to its customers. As the midlevel manager, priority would be to provide effective methods that will aid the two firms in increasing its revenue and performance through productivity. This memo will discuss briefly the manager’s behavior that affect’s productivity and how employees adopt and overcome those behaviors. The types of management decisions or actions induced upon the organization that will align with its employment laws and the practices in a working environment with a diverse workforce.
There are several Federal Agencies that firms must comply with in order to meet worker guidelines and responsibilities, these agencies oversee and enforce nondiscrimination laws. As managers, we must be proactive and vigilant to not violate any of these employment acts such as the Civil Rights Act, Equal Pay Act and other civil rights act. These acts must be familiarize and explained to all employees for awareness and will maintain order and discipline within the firm, prevents laws from being breached and putting the company at risk.
The main objective of our firm is to increase productivity, dedication, discipline and hard work will be the key factors in the success of our firm. As the midlevel manager, recommendations will be made in the hope of increasing productivity by finding effective solutions to existing issues, concerns or constraints that affect productivity. Inappropriate behavior presented by managers in the work place creates an unhealthy working environment and can affect employee performance. Motivating employees increases productivity as well as the overall efficiency of the company. Motivating your employees means acknowledging their performance and making them feel they have contributed significantly to the success of the company. For example, employees are motivated when an increase in salary is awarded as compared to others, while others are motivated when they are allowed to work extra hours to acquire extra pay and salary. These are just a few examples that help motivate employees in a firm. Your obligation as manager is create an open communication channel between your employees, understand their needs and concerns, issues that may affect their job performance. The communication between you and your employees will aid to better understand the work environment, resolve issues and develop strategic plans to alleviate variations in productivity.
Communication is a vital tool in