Management Control Syaytem for Ipl Essays

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In partial fulfillment for the requirement of “Management Financial System” course in two years full time Masters of Business Administration (MBA) programmed of Gujarat Technological University (GTU)
Prepared By:
Jatin patel [09059] Vineet Modi [09042]
Sheenam Gupta [09025] Pranav Shah [09087]
Harsh Rajwani [09075] Submitted to:
Prof. Viral Pandya
25th March – 2011

N.R. Institute of Business Management,
GLS Campus,
Ahmedabad – 380006

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The knockout stage was changed to a playoff format. If a match ends in a tie, a Super Over will be played to determine the winner.
The ten teams are divided into two groups of five. In the group stage, each team plays 14 games: facing the other four teams in their group two times each (one home and one away game), four teams in the other group once, and the remaining team two times. A random draw would determine the groups and who plays whom across the groups once and twice. A four-game playoff stage is held after the group stage.
Points are awarded in the group stage as follows: Result | Points | Win | 2 points | No result | 1 point | Loss | 0 points |
Four games will be played in the playoffs: * Game A, between the teams ranked first and second in the group stage. * Game B, between the teams ranked third and fourth in the group stage. * Game C, between the loser of Game A and winner of Game B. * Final, between the winners of Games A and C.
The top three teams from the tournament qualify for the 2011 Champions League Twenty20. Due to the new playoff format, the qualifying teams will be the top two teams of the group stage and the winner of Game B in the playoff stage.
Each team can have a squad of at most 30 players with a maximum of US$9 million to spend on