Management: Customer and Valid Chauffeur License Essay

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The training for the learning skills of Bradley Stonefield is to obtain a chauffeur driver’s license. If any employee does not have a valid chauffeur license one can apply at the local secretary of state. The application procedure require applicant to pass an examination and driving test and attend service of excellence class. Each applicant will have 80 hours of limo training school. The training will cover the federal regulations, driving safety and specific features of the local roadways and trip sheet processes. Each driver rapport with customers will meet the expectations of Bradley by performing excellent services and catering to the customer’s needs. The outline and objectives of Stonefield orientation is to prepare an orientation binder for new hires. Bradley is dedicated to providing excellent limo service of the highest quality, to serve the needs of customers. Regardless of race, gender, age, sex, color, creed, nation of origin, religion, disability or financial status.
Service of excellence contributes to the learning of which the organization stands on. This class will acknowledge Introduce, Explain, and Thank You. Bradley policy & procedure manual includes vacation, holidays and time off timesheets and payroll attendance and tardiness dress code and social media usage. The effectiveness of these systematic processes is to ensure that each driver has the full scope of the knowledge needed to be the best driver possible. The methods grouped in three categories development, evaluation, and customer