Essay Management: Decision Making and Social Responsibility

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Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility

Karen R Walter


January 9, 2012

Instructor E. Pete Lewis

Ethics Game Simulation Assignment

As quality control manager here at G-Bio Sport, it is my duty to make sure that all product developed and created in this company is done so in the safest, efficient, and most effective way possible. The reputation of this company is in large part due to my discriminatory eye. Recently an ingredient that is widely used in all over two thirds of our products such as GBS Fibranafren, the levels found in our product are far lower than FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirements; however, there is a low possibility of adverse effects in healthy adults and a slightly elevated possibility in those who may have weakened immune systems. A secondary issue was finding out that our current methods are not up to standard with recently changed FDA policy. This causes a good sizable portion of our inventory to be affected, which may cause possible profit loss and loss of product. The second stimulation relates to whether to sell the product overseas into markets where it is acceptable and that have minimal restriction on their marketing procedure.

The decision was made to allow the consumer to make an inform decision. The customers will be alerted via email and postal mail and updated on our website about the lapse in product evaluation. I decided to sell all produces in foreign countries with the same standards and regulations as the U. S. FDA Administration. However I realized the decision word cost the company money and not to mention a waste of already contaminated products.

When making decisions in business the proper perspective must always be taken. Choices must be made in the genuine effort of protecting all interests of all that are involved. There are perspectives that must be considered when making judgment calls. These perspectives are often called a “Lens.” There are the Rights and Responsibilities Lens; this lens aids in correctly locating the necessary duties, obligations, and or rights in any given situation to make sure all responsibilities are attended to. Then there is the Results Lens; this lens focuses on the outcome of the situation and attempting to make sure it is a favorable conclusion to those who matter most. The Relationship Lens is concentrated on the processes that are set in place to make and keep an organization ethical. There is also the Reputation Lens; this is a compiled list of assets and attributes that are essential in leadership decision making. There are some virtues that are important for all leaders to be a good leader of integrity.

Upon further evaluation of the issue and deciding to look at it from more than one viewpoint, The Rights and Responsibilities lens was my primary objective: To correctly view what direct duties I am to be concerned with. The reputation lens was also another big factor that played a part in my decision making. Each lens helps you understand what is crucial to each aspect of business in an organization. Each point of view helps to understand what is good, bad or important for that sector of the company. Taking all into consideration will give one a more holistic outlook on any given scenario a company is presented with. This will help all decision makers be more mindful of how their decisions will impact the company or organization as a whole. There is a correlation in my past job, where there is a troubleshooting system that does not work correctly and causes employees to do methods that are extremely long processes of troubleshooting; in my opinion there are too many processes in the system were wrong and time consuming. Several individuals as well as I have attempted to change these processes and have been met with much resistance. I was not sure why until now. We were only assessing the problems through one