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Scottrade is a great organization to work for and have a achieved high rewards for its value associates and successful strategies. Involving interns and training them, those that express lots of positive energy are hired within a year. Many associates remain with the organization, to benefit from receiving in house training, growth opportunities, and continue to show appreciation among each associate. Scottrade express gratitude with competitive pay and bonuses, work/life balance program, tuition reimbursement and matching their charitable contribution.
How Scottrade has taken it past the basic understanding of organization behavior to have an exceptional organization that people want to work for? Among the advantages of working for Scottrade, the company has never had a layoff in 30 years history. Scottrade offers a great opportunity for many employees including an in house training, specifically for IT professionals who want to experience delivering the latest technologies in onling trading. “Many of the same reasons Scottrade continues to be named a Computerworld Best Place to Work in IT-training opportunities, employee benefits and a culture of open communication- help us create an atmosphere that enable associated to develop innovative technology and solution for investors and trading across the country, as we continue to grow, our need for talented associates with a variety of skills remains a priority.”( Another great advantage of working for Scottrade are the recognition the associates apply their techniques and are rewarded through promotion and discretionary bonuses. Included with many of the bonuses is the quarterly recognition for more than 20 years. Why they are important to an organization and how they can incorporate into an organization? The company consistently pursues the most talented IT people, which offer combative pay and great benefits. Scottrade also offer a Work Life Balance that is important to the employees. The company hours are open during the stock market’s opening and closing bells, with flexibility available in certain departments. Another reason to pursue a career with Scottrade is they have a family feel and an open door policy. All of the employees have a sense of family oriented as characterized a workplace culture and encourage feedback by meeting with all levels of associates regularly. This organization has made this year’s Best Places to Work list are developing a work environment that both trains and encourages IT personnel to pursue business-driven preferences.
Scottrade was originally called Scottsdale Securities by CEO Founder Rodger Riney, and then later in 1980 changed the name to Scottrade. “For more than three decades, Sottrade has been breaking ground as an online brokerage firm providing self directed investors education, research and tools that help them develop strategies for reaching their financial goals. Since the achievement continued with aggressive growth, clients have been empowered to invest their money with assurance. The company has a 31-year history of never having a layoff and doubling their workforce in the past 5 years. With this in mind, the company growth mirrors the nationwide growing trend of investors taking control of their financial futures and identifying themselves self-directed. Scottrade have been recognized for dozens of business awards, including “Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For” for the last four years.
TOP MANAGEMENT Online brokerage firm Scottrade advanced Drew Dennison the chief financial officer of the holding company, and brought on Matt Wilson as head brokerage. Previously Dennison was Scottrade chief accounting officer. His new role will join the firm’s executive team and oversee the finances of Scottrade Financial Services Inc., which consist of brokerage and Scottrade…