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When individuals gain power, how they use it will demonstrate whether it is abusive or not abusive in organization. Power abuse is having bad intentions toward other such as using power to take advantage or bribery and using money to manipulate others. On the light, good and powerful people still do exist who do not use harmful techniques to control others but instead help them.

Firstly, the owner of YouTube (2014) argues that Vietnam policeman are using their power to manipulate civilian to satisfy oneself. The police use the power of authority as a blackmailing technique by taking the license of the driver and using that to control people to hand over their money before a penalty apply. The issue of the driver is that they sometimes don’t even know what mistake they have made yet they still get into trouble. Legitimate power used in a negative manner is a type power that police adopt to take advantage of the Vietnamese citizens. Abuse of power in business may lead to competition, destroying business relationship and limit ideas and information. (Lamle, 2014)

Secondly, on Hell’s kitchen season show (2011), the famous chef Gordon Ramsay used his power abusively through aggressive speech and often leaving people with a negative attitude. In some situations, this show consists a lot of violent languages that are very offensive and badly hurt people. This is clearly abuse because Gordon Ramsay doesn’t respect others either in his actions or his words. He controls, blames, yells at them regardless of their attempts and efforts. Having all the power in businesses can lead people to shutting away and not stepping out of their comfort zone when changes happen, leading to limit of ideas and information because individuals feel as if they are been judge. (m00c0w06, 2011)

Finally, through the movie “On The Waterfront”, Elia Kazen (1954) asserted obviously the corruption in organization. During the 1800’s laws were very tough and people were been restricted with many things, in other words people were been controlled by the “man upstairs”. In this movie, Jonny Friendly is most powerful men in the community were using the act of cash bribery to lure individuals to work for him. The work was not very easy and it contains many evil acts such as murder, stealing and betraying people. Reward power was used in a negative fashion in ways like bribery. Power abuse can vary in organization but often having strong ambition can lead to greed and cruel in organization. (Elia Kazen, 1954)

Nevertheless, Martin (2003) highlights that even nowadays people use their power for negative purpose in organization, there are still