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Easy and Fast Food (EFF)

Health and Safety Act

Semester ­­­­3, 2015

Nature of virtual business:

Easy and fast restaurant Pty Ltd is an Australian fast-food restaurant chain with restaurant across Queensland and its main target marker is office workers and students. It has approximately 200 employees and its headquarters is located in Brisbane.

1.0 Introduction

The Fast and Easy Food Pty Ltd (EFF) have failed the Brisbane City council’s Health and Safety Act. The purpose of this report is to definition and solve the critical underlying cause, poor control measures of EFF’ failing the Health and Safety Act. The focus on planning and leading will be used management functions to cause.
2.0 Definition the Health and Safety Act problems
Introduction to this section

The Easy and Fast Food restaurant Pty Ltd has failed to comply with Health and Safety Act, the cause will relate the function of management which includes planning, leading and controlling, and will discuss the critical underlying cause. 2.1 Problem Identification
There is a serious issue in EFF that the company failing to Health and Safety Act. In order to avoid fine or temporary closure, identifying the underlying causes is a significant step in the decision making process. According to Samson and Daft, (2012, p. 10) “Management is the attainment of organisational goals in an effective and efficient manner through planning, organising, leading and controlling organisational resources.” Managers have to know which management function relates with health and safety act. Firstly, the EFF failing to comply Health and Safety Act which they may have some flaw in the Health and Safety Act plan. In the food production, employees do not have a detailed plan for cooking such as cooking time of French chips and the quantity of material in process production, because if French chips are fried for too long, it will lead to safety problem. And the quantity of material too much or too little in a dish also will lead to Health and Safety issue. A detailed and precise plan is basis lets employees follow the process (Nyhuis, 2008). In addition, it also relates leading, it involves motivating, communication, inspiring and encouraging employees. Managers do not have any meeting with their employees, so it leader to demoralize staff. If employees feel down or upset, they may not keep to the rules. A good communication or motivating is good for their self-discipline to follow the process of Health and Safety Act.

2.2 Critical underlying cause
There is the main underlying cause which led to company failing to Health and Safety Act that is planning. Planning towards realising organisational health and safety is essential for hotel industry (Moutinho, 2011). In this part will show two detail plain of EFF restaurant which includes quantity and order of material in process production and material purchase. The planning is significant step which managers will create a detailed action plan to ensure the activities or process Health and Safety Act. Firstly, the Easy and EFF need a detailed plan which is quantity and order of material in process production to make health and safety food. For example, managers should ration the quantity of French chips in a dish, and they also need determines how many minutes are fried. Secondly, EFF do not have a detail plan for material purchase. Managers of EFF must be making a material purchase plain to ensure high quality and fresh. This material purchase plain requires employees saving receipts, recording quantity and expiration date. The staff must make periodical reports to managers, and then managers should random inspection for material. And in order to make sure to correct performance process.
3.0 Analysis to solve the problem of failing the Health and Safety Act for EFF

The employer has responsibility to provide health and safety production to their customer. If EFF still fail to comply the Health and Safety