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MGMT 393
Homework Assignment 1
One thing the text talks about is management information systems (MIS). It describes what MIS is and its purpose. The book basically breaks MIS down and talks about what it’s made of and the important resources within it. It is important for people to understand MIS in order to process and manage all information dealing with any technology tools in their organization.
Another thing the book talks about is using customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Using customer relationship management systems helps organizations understand what a customer may need or want. The basic reason for this system is to help people organizations to build a lasting relationship with their customer in order to give them what they want.
The book also talks about relational data base. It tells what the relational data base does and how it stores information. The software’s components of a data base management system are also discussed in the book. It basically describes each component of the database management system and how they work.
There is the data warehouse and its characteristics. In the data warehouse there are four types of mining tolls. The types of tolls are described in the book. The mining tools are broken down and explained to show what each tool does.
Another key part of the book is the decision support system (DSS) and the geographic system. The decision support system helps make decisions while the geographic system analyzes information. There is expert system which is also known as knowledge based systems. This system helps you come to a conclusion on decisions that have to be made.
Then there is talk of the agent based technologies. The agent based technologies is a type of technology that helps do daily tasks. These agent based technologies include information agents, monitoring and surveillance agents, user agents, and data mining agents. Each agent based technology is described and the functions are explained.
Another important topic in the book is e-commerce business models. The nine major e-commerce business models are broken down and described in the book. Basically theses e-commerce business models describes how each models sells it products and services. This would include selling it product and services to businesses, consumers, individuals, or even government entities.
The outsourcing environment is a factor that is described. Outsourcing is the delegations of a