Management: Key Indicator Of Success And Development

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Name/Position: | Manager: | Review period: | Reference from Operational Plan | Key Result Area | Indicator of success/performance | By when? | Status Report | Management Course | Tony would benefit from this course so he can find ways in how to mentor junior staff in a more productive way | Staff within our stores are well trained in their product knowledge & are also able to pass on this knowledge to less experienced colleagues. | 12 months | Tony has enrolled in a course. | In store Marketing | Re direct Tony’s interest in internet marketing to in store ventures. | Tony is happier within his job & spends less time on internet at work. | 4 weeks | | Home installation of our products. | Listen to Tony’s ideas on home installation, if viable look into ways to make it happen. | Tony should feel his ideas have been listened to & validated | 1 week | | Managers Comments:Hopefully hearing Tony’s ideas & concerns helps him feel that he is appreciated. Management courses will help Tony with his communication skills & what will be expected of him as a mentor. | Signature:Date: | Staff Members Comments: | Signature: |
Role Play notes: * Would like to offer Tony the opportunity to complete a mentoring/management course so he able to pass on his vast knowledge of our products onto junior staff members in a way that he both feels comfortable with & is the most effective.

* Should Tony feel this is something he would like to pursue, what would be the things he would most like to gain from such a course?

* Taking into account his interest in online marketing see if I can draw his attention moire towards in store marketing as online sales is not something our company is working towards at this stage

* Bring up the issue of Tony’s friends business being linked to our website. This is against the ethical standards of our company, because I am unaware of any company endorsement of his friend’s installation business. This must stop as of today. But I would like to hear Tony’s ideas of local tradesmen being recommended for installation jobs of our products.

* I am hoping Tony leaves our meeting feeling that he is appreciated within our company & that his knowledge & expertise is something he should be proud of.

Name/Position: | Manager: | Review Period: | Skills to be developed: | How skills are to be developed: | Priority (H,M,L) | By when? | Skills gained (Y/N) | Mentoring of junior staff members | Management course to be undertaken | H | 12 months | | Marketing | Work with Marie to gain experience & to develop ideas & strategies within our stores. | M | Immediate start | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Manager’s comments: | SignatureDate | Staff members comments: | SignatureDate |

Appendix 6: Coaching session – Coach’s self-reflection sheet.

Coaches Name: Michelle
Listeners Name: Matt

Respond to these questions with your feelings & thoughts about coaching. What was your initial reaction to the coaching exercise?
Initially to start with felt a little uncomfortable to be the one to point out where the individual needed improvement within their job, but after I was over this initial feeling it was ok.