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Level 4 Diploma in Business and Administration

Assignment A

Group A

Personal Effectiveness in a Business Environment

Managing People and Performance in a Business Environment

Introduction (all headings in Arial size 12 Bold)

Why are you doing the report? This report is a research project conducted to evaluate and analyse the effectiveness of managers’ interpersonal and people management skills in Knowsley Community College. The report aims to do what? The author will evaluate the relationships between personal effectiveness and effective people management in the Personnel & Welfare Department of the college. Contrasting references will be made to the theories of effective management, motivation, personal effectiveness and business productivity. An analysis will be carried out to make a series of recommendations as to how the College can improve the personal and interpersonal skills of its managers, thereby enhancing the productivity of its workforce. The report will outline the main principles and typical objectives of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in the college. It will conduct an analysis and evaluation of the tools and techniques used within the college environment to review effective time management. The author will demonstrate the different management and leadership theories that are applied within its practice to improve the performance of the college. A review of the role of learning and development in the author’s own area will highlight the contribution of learning and development to the college’s efficiency and productivity in order to demonstrate how learning opportunities are maximised within the college. In concluding the report, the author will provide recommendations on how a performance management system can be improved upon. Highlighting the key factors in effective team performance and the techniques used to resolve team related issues and conflict. The above is the suggested introduction to the assignment – it covers all aspects of the task.

Background to Knowsley Community College

Knowsley Community College is a Further Education in Knowsley, Merseyside. Its mission is to work in partnership to improve learning, skills, aspirations and employability of those in its community and surrounding areas. The College has two sites and operates on a hierarchy structure containing 5 levels of management:- * The Principal * Assistant Principals * Directors * Learner Transition Managers (LTMs) of Curriculum areas * Managers of Business Support The Principal is at the top of the structure and his responsibilities include strategic planning, prioritising the College’s objectives and helping the organisation achieve its future ambitions. Within the Business Support Section, the author’s own area of Personnel and Welfare is managed by Daniel Boyd. The author’s role of Personnel Assistant is predominantly carrying out administrative duties assisting the team with recruitment, appraisals, probations, safeguarding