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Inn & Spa

Life. Classically balanced.

A Unique Concept in Hospitality

Spa Management Manual

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
Job Descriptions
Spa Director
Spa Front Desk Supervisor/Retail Manager
Lead Therapist

II. Planning

III. Organizing
Divisional Structure
Matrix Structure

IV. Leading
Expert Power
Visionary Leadership

V. Controlling
Managing by Objectives

VI. Conclusion

Congratulations to you on your placement as a manager here at Mirbeau Inn & Spa.

We are so pleased to have you on board. We have a wonderful concept here at Mirbeau.
Our mission is to provide the polite and friendly service that makes our Inn a memorable experience for a guest. The success of Mirbeau Inn & Spa depends on the service we deliver to our guests. We must know them and understand their needs. Remember that each guest is the most important person that enters the resort. You play a key role in making each guest’s stay at Mirbeau Inn & Spa as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. We look forward to working with you and making you proud to be associated with Mirbeau Inn & Spa. (Mirbeau Inn & Spa Employee Handbook, 2009)

Thank You and Best Wishes

Rachel LaMay
Operations Manager

This manual has been designed to provide managers the basic tools and resources needed to oversee their employees and effectively manage the Spa. The content of this manual should not be construed as policy; rather it should be used as a guideline. In this manual we will go over the four functions of management and other ways to achieve the goal of becoming a great manager here at Mirbeau. In the Spa we have three main management positions. They are described below.
Job Descriptions
Spa Director
1. Oversee operations, management, marketing and planning of massage, esthetics, and salon services
2. Responsible for hiring and scheduling personnel and subcontractors, conducting disciplinary actions and providing training for all Spa staff
3. Ensure that the Spa front desk and spa attendant procedures are maintained and adhered to
4. Maintain an efficient system of communication between Spa and other departments
5. Represent the Spa in all meetings
6. Cooperate with the Sales and Marketing Department in designing and implementing Spa marketing strategies to ensure successful achievement of sales goals
7. Act as group liaison for the Spa
8. Develop a business plan to ensure overall operation, growth, and long range profitability of the Spa are achieved
9. Review payroll issues on a timely basis
10. Maintain accurate records on invoices, gift certificates, personnel issues, purchase order, and budgetary goals
11. Maintain high levels of standards in service
12. Maintain guest satisfaction through the resort’s guest comment card program
13. Initiate Spa purchase orders
14. Conduct monthly retail and professional inventory
15. Schedule all spa staff

Spa Front Desk Supervisor/Retail Manager
1. Schedule Spa desk, Spa Attendants bi-weekly
2. Confirm and authorize hourly spa desk and attendants in the Q-quest timesheet
3. Assist in overseeing spa attendants that they are performing their jobs efficiently and correctly
4. Control inventory levels of assigned shops through open-to-buy analysis for maximum profitability
5. Manage reorder systems to minimize inventory shortages
6. Provide weekly and monthly business analysis
7. Provide product knowledge weekly trainings for staff
8. Perform exceptional guest communication skills that directly translate into interactions, products demonstrations and sales
Lead Therapist
1. Set team and or individual home spa products sales goals with management
2. Ensure that all the Therapists staff provide appropriate and consistent levels of guest service and hospitality
3. Oversee all Therapists shift switch requests and time off requests
4. Help interview and determine technical proficiency of new prospective therapists
5. Help new