Management: Mobile Phone and Apple Essay

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Keeping Up With Technology
Kelvin Le
October 28, 2014
Professor Karton
Technology has made the biggest impact in our everyday lives by helping us be efficient and effective in management. Two global companies that have changed how we talk and communicate with one another without being stabilized in our homes are Apple and Blackberry. According to Apple, their goal is to obtain stellar products and services within tight time frames, at a cost that represents the best possible value to their customers and shareholders. On the other hand, RIM (research in motion) have a different outlook and goal. The chief executive of RIM has stated that, “Government business is extremely important to us” therefore their goal is to satisfy government sector. Having different goals in the beginning, one company was able to sustain their success while the other one started to slowly fade away. Based on the differences in their planning, organizing, leadership, and control, Apple and RIM had different outcomes which made Apple more successful than RIM
In the mobile cell phone market, there are many challenges and difficulties that cellphones face whether it comes to security issues, increased competition in other cell phone companies, price, and problems with text messaging spam, and social environment. The security issue that we all ponder upon is how secure are these mobile devices in our hands that keep all of our personal information from, addresses, phone numbers, personal information, credit cards, and most importantly, our identities. When you send text messages or login to your bank account, you cannot be sure that you are the only set of eyes seeing that because it could be accessible by others. In any industry of some business there will always be some sort of competition. Competition plays a big role in this market because there are so many alternatives ways of making a cellphone by an industry that when one finds the “cheapest and advanced way” the other has to match or do greater in order to survive. Our economy is always changing so when it comes to the pricing of the device, an industry needs to consider how much they are selling a product of theirs and at what price because resources limited. Therefore, getting resources is hard and costly which causes the organization to make sure they are getting the most profit out of their productivity. Unwanted emails of advertising in our emails is overpopulating and just builds too much clutter every day. Lastly, consumers put more value on environmental issues and sustainability. Going green is important to society so companies that put a lot of effort in making their products eco-friendly is a big plus. Managers must not only think profit but also people and the planet. Apple and blackberry both have to consider and prepare for these difficulties/challenges that are in the mobile cellphone market daily.
Apple and blackberry have smartphones that are able to browse the internet, send emails, and send text messages all through one device in the palm of your hand. Apple has created a mobile device called an IPhone and was released in June 2007 which features a combination of a smartphone and an IPod together. Blackberry first introduced its smartphone in 2003 that enables internet browsing, emails, and text messaging. Both are very similar in terms of their functions and abilities but Apple had one feature at the time that blackberry did not and that is the music feature. Being able to use your phone as a smartphone and an iPod revolutionized Apple and made it the highest industry because blackberry did not have a device like the Apple iPod that was incorporated into their smartphones. The efficiency of this is having two things in one hand instead of carrying two things in each hand. Technological environment were key environmental factors that affected these companies. They are always seeking different ways to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity.