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Management Project

Introduction: The Company that I have made is a guest oriented company. It’s all about guest service and what we can provide others. The name of my company is “Music a Loud”. This institute was formed to help people learn and play their music. It’s a form of music school but better. Our location is currently in Nashville, TN. We are currently located her because of the amount of music history and knowledge that is in the community. “Music a Loud” was formed to unity people through the sound of music.
Form of Business Ownership: The form of business that I have created for my company is a sole proprietorship. This company is one hundred percent owned and operated by myself and all the ideas and decisions are mine. I choose to start this type of business because I didn’t not want a big corporation or a partnership. I felt that this was the best way to start a business. The entire decision making comes to me and I have the final say.
Supply and Demand Analysis: My Company since we opened has had great success. Much ado to the fact that we listen to our customers. Most of our competitors offer competitive pricing and others offer bigger spaces. That thing that sets us apart and that keeps having peopled come back to the company is variety. We start by asking our customers what they want and when they want it. Some want multiple classes others want several of time to learn their craft. We offer the most range of musical classes in the country. We have a ton of variety in our store and we excel in supplying that to our guest. We also listened to the customers when they wanted more range or musical instruments or different type of singing classes. So when we finished our survey we provided that for them. Pricing of our establishment is somewhat completive, there are some other institutions that offer cheaper pricing but we offer quality for your dollar. Even though our pricing is a little higher than other we do not lose any business because of our loyal guest and quality of product.
SWOT Analysis: “Music a Loud” has the strategic plan to succeed and be one of the most recognizable music institutes in the country. We take note of our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Our goal is to be informed and ahead of everyone else. Strength – Knowledge, Variety, and Passion. Weakness – Small Company, First time business owner, and Competitors. Opportunity – Growth (expansion), Guest service, and Pricing. Threats – Technology, Schools, and New business.
Planning Function: Our planning function is beyond any others. We operate base on what the customer wants and needs. If the customers want something we do our best to provide them with the service. We operate solely on customer service and knowledge or the music life style. Our tactical approach it to ask our guest what they like about each class and how they would improve it. Whether it is through a different music teacher or a different way of learning we will provide care to each of our music lovers. The company stays on path through our contingency plan we strive to be the best and work towards our goals every single day.
Organizing Function: My company is completely organized we have set up a functional plan to have all our classes and lesson taught by amazing teacher all throughout the days. We have set up appointments and organized what time everything should start and stop by so our customers get the most out of our environment and skills that we provide. Set up lessons and classes through matrix graphs and appointment through new technologies. If a guest forgets plans we send alert messages and reminders. We are all fully capable of adding classes and booking lessons through training and to help the company be efficient. There is always room for growth in the organization department but we learn every single day on what works best for us and our customers.
Leading Function: The leadership style that I have chosen is to be the head of all