Management: Negotiation and merely Effective Negotiators Essay

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As proven in the article, “Six Habits of Merely Effective Negotiators,” establishing an agreement, compromise, or BATNA’s during a business negotiation is extremely vital for both sides of the party. In the business world, negotiations take place every day, which is why it is not only important to understand, “the art of letting them have your way,” but also, that the one providing the benefits is the one you should be most interested in understanding. Furthermore, an ineffective habit, or mistake, that some negotiators display is “neglecting the other side’s problem.” It is common that two parties come to a disagreement! What’s most important is, “taking a walk in their shoes,” and recognizing why they feel that way. By asking questions and understanding your opposition’s argument you can more effectively solve your own problem by adversely discussing and weighing out the pro’s and cons of the agreement and forming a, “golden bridge,” between you two. It is difficult to do this when negotiators make our next mistake of “Letting positions drive out interests!” It is known that self serving bias leads one party to stake a position, on what they think is better off for themselves. What is important is understanding that your interests, or underlying concerns that would be affected by the resolution, are most likely compatible and should not be left on the table. Once again it is important to, “search the other side,” negotiate, and create maximum value like the U.S. power company did when they decided to build the dam which guaranteed downstream water flow AND habitat production! Finally, a mistake that I find the most deterring while negotiating is, “letting price bulldoze other interests.” Forming a relationship while negotiating is most vital when reaching an agreement. When price is your main concern is shows the other party a lack of their interests. Being fair and respectful towards both sides of the situation helps the process as well as the relationship being formed between you two. Nickel and diming only shows your monetary concerns, not your concerns for the interest at hand. In conclusion, don’t be stingy, because a joint venture between both parties will heed more positive results than a boss who thinks all you care about is money! When negotiating in any situation, strategy, or your plan of action to achieve…