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Case 1
Grilling Up an Empire

1. Describe some of the management challenges McDonald’s has likely faced in its expansion internationally. McDonald’s has been a staple in the restaurant business for as long as most of us can remember. It has achieve around the globe, but not without overcoming a fair amount of challenges in its pursuit of the title “King of Fast Food”. The basis for the entire business is ethical, truthful and dependable. It takes time to build reputation. McDonald’s has developed a successful strategy for operating their fast-food enterprise across the globe. This strategy has been one that is developed based on existing operation as well as the local cultures and customs
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In the organization, first-line managers in every work unit work as a role model because they have a direct contact with the workers. McDonald's Manager Trainee responsible to learn the basics operations and procedures in order to prepare for managing shifts in a McDonald's restaurant.

The Upside-Down Pyramid McDonald's Interaction direction is the main goal is to "be our customers' favourite place and way to eat." The upside-down pyramid show that customers and clients is the main target and they served by the frontline worker that supervise by manager. Interaction is everything in the McDonald and they drive McDonald's goal forward. In the beginning, Top manager will set the aspiration and strategy according to the external environment. Middle manager will translate the strategy into concrete business plan and they merely involved in implementing the strategies from top manager First-Line Managers work as a mediator between the manager and non-managerial workers. They must be good enough to be an effective communicator where best Non-managerial workers which are the front-line worker will follow the instruction from manager. They will try their best to serve the customer.

3. How will McDonald’s be able to develop managerial skills and competencies necessary to continue their success in the future? McDonald’s be able to develop managerial skills and competencies through Experience and