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Chelsie Bonner Organizing Functions of Management
Dr. Shannon J. Thomas
March 9, 2015

McDonald’s Inc.
The organizing functions of management necessitates the task with the associates and arranges the job in a productive manner. A successful organization is required for one to think both theoretically and strategically in order to accomplish its organizational goals and that is precisely what McDonald’s Inc. implements. The success of the company comes from its excellent organizational structure. McDonald’s place a major emphasis on customer relations; they have a famous quote, “We love to see you smile”. According to the Times, McDonald's Corporation is ranked as 106 of the Fortune 500 Company last year. McDonalds is very successful company and its products
( e.g., Chicken McNuggets ®, Big Mac ®) are famous all over the world; also its logo, “the Golden Arches” and its brand name have become among the most instantly recognized symbols in the world (The Times 100, n.d.). The evaluation of McDonald’s organizational structure and how it relates to technology and human resources is just a small role to the team’s overall success. The integration, discrepancy, and organization are a few contributing aspects that combine prized information to an organization.
“McDonald’s has become more networked, particularly using the internet; making it easier to promote and produce new innovative ideas, faster than those in past times. McDonald’s started off as an ordinary hamburger stand in San Bernardino, California. The McDonald brothers had a limited amount of food and only a few menu options; they served and cooked orders by using an assembly line procedure. Ray Kroc visited the McDonald brothers’ hamburger stand in 1954; he decided to establish a partnership with them by opening the first McDonald’s restaurant. Little did he know that “thirty years later, in 1986, a survey conducted in several schools revealed that 96% of the schoolchildren identified Ronald McDonald second only to Santa Claus in name recognition”. (Jandt, 2007, p. 271). This was only the beginning. “Today McDonald’s is the number one leader in global foodservices retail with more than 30,0000 location, and serve approximately 52 million people in over 100 countries daily.” (McDonald’s, USA, 2010).
Discrepancy refers to the job specialization and the division of labor that exists within an organization. Integration refers to the height to which differentiated work units work together and bring together their efforts (Bateman & Snell, 2009, p.