Principles And Application Assignment: Planning Design And Production

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Design and Principle and Application Assignment: Planning Design and Production

Task 1

Identify and describe the planning process for this type of building project

Atlas Design Consultancy has been approached to design an office building for an accountancy firm. The building to be designed is a five storey office block with a basement.

A design brief has been formulated between the client and also Henry Brown, Senior Partner of Atlas Design Consultancy. A preliminary drawing has since been drawn up, so now research is to be carried out in preparation for the design and planning for the proposed project. This is known as the inception stage where the clients brief is drawn up and looked at. The main areas included in the clients
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These drawings will be used by the contractor to construct the building accurately, efficiently and economically. A checklist will be drawn up to ensure that the production of information is organised. The checklist will include:

1. A list of drawings and schedules to be prepared 2. Drawing procedures 3. Referencing 4. Specifications 5. Outstanding information required.

Drawings will be required to be issued to various consultants to enable them to plot services and other details they may require. Assembly drawings, component drawings and schedules will be needed. At this stage other information that will be needed include: 1. Production of a specification by the Quantity Surveyor 2. Production of information required for the bills of quantities 3. Distribution of information to all consultants 4. Applications for any outstanding statutory approvals 5. Preliminary work on tendering and contract arrangements 6. Draw up a list of suitable contractors to tender 7. Decision of the form of contract to be used 8. Provision of the tender programme.

At this stage the architect will work with the Quantity Surveyor to ensure that the overall cost is kept within budget.

At the bills of quantities stage the handover of drawings by the Architects is necessary so the