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1. Title page | Management Report | INFS1001 Business Information systems | | Victor Phan U5182934 | Tutor: Alex Richardson Thursday 12pm |

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2. Table of Contents 1. Title page 1 2. Table of contents 2 3. Executive summary 3 4. Introduction 4 5. Conclusions 5 5.1. Recommendations 5 6. Discussion 6 6.1. Product Intelligence 6 6.1.1. Smart phone overview 6 6.1.2. Smart phone functionality and capability 6 6.1.3. Smart phone purpose and usage 7 6.2. Personal Product Evaluation 8 6.2.1. The Technology Acceptance Model overview 8 6.2.2. The Technology Acceptance Model components 9 6.3 Analysis of survey data and gathered information 11 7. References 14 8. Appendices 15 8.1. Appendix A: A chart of the Technology Acceptance Model 15 8.2. Appendix B: Survey data 16

2. Table of contents

3. Executive summary

The purpose of this report is to aid in selecting an information and communication technology (ICT) product for the client of Ravenwood Grocery to distribute throughout the company. The ICT product selected are smart phones (predominantly smart phones running on the Apple iOS and Android operating system) which will be thoroughly researched and surveyed by users of such personal devices. The information and data of personal technology use will then be measured and analysed to come to a conclusion whether or not the client should invest in the product.
It was found that smart phones are very versatile and can be useful towards the company if adopted in the workplace. Modern smart phones have been revolutionised and tuned so that the perceived usefulness and ease of use of the system is superior, therefore making the technology easy to adopt. It is recommended that Ravenwood Grocery should adopt the technology of smart phones (predominantly smart phones running on the Apple iOS and Android operating system).

4. Introduction

This report is intended to aid on selecting a technology product to distribute throughout the company Ravenwood Grocery. Smart phones are the core product selected and will be explored and analysed to advise the client firm on how they should go about adopting this new technology. Smart phones are technology products which are similar to ordinary cell phones but have the extensive features found on personal digital assistant or a computer. The smart phone was selected as they are owned and used by almost everyone in the modern economy for various everyday tasks. Further research for the smart phones will be conducted via inspecting the features and functionality of them, which is then further analysed for the overall usefulness and capability of them. A IT adoption models known as the Technology Acceptance Model will be deconstructed and interpreted for comprehension purposes in the report. The elements of the model is then taken note of and applied as a basis for a general survey about smart phones distributed to a sample. The survey will be conducted to answer the common questions of why do people adopt such technology and how do they use it? It will be sampled to a random population using and not using a smart phone for equality purposes to bring about unbiased data interpretation. The report will then gather all of the measures and statistics to come to a conclusion whether to financially invest in the product or not and how to come about adopting this new technology.

5. Conclusions
The smart phone is found to be a very practical and versatile technology instrument. It was found that the design of smart phones, being portable and compact, will be proficient for use in the workplace. Also as the smart phone is essentially a feature phone with PDA characteristics, there is a wide variety of functions and purposes for the device. As the smart phone is generally accepted within society, it demonstrates that according to the Technology