Management Style Essay

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Management Styles
Elizabeth M Brown
HCA 320
October 6, 2014
Joan Ralph Webber

Management Styles There are many different styles of management, some good some bad. My definition of management is a leader, someone who sets the boundaries and guidelines, someone who is there to answer any questions and if they do not know those answers they will find them. Someone with an open door policy who will listen to the positives and negatives and help resolve issues before they become a huge problem that leads to unhappy staff. A good manager is able to draw the line with staff between work and friendship. This is something that is very hard to do, but can be done, it can easily be done because of respect from staff to manager and vice versa. But, most importantly a good manager is someone who is organized and is a good communicator. If these two qualities not part of a manager then the other things listed above do not matter. There are managers who have poor qualities and some of those are non-communicator, not a good listener, not organized. If you do not have these qualities it is then hard to be a good manager. I feel that there are certain circumstances where a manager cannot communicate things to their employees and that should be understood by the staff. I took a management quiz online and it said that I am comfortable with authority, and that I will be able to cope with managerial tasks. It stated that I have thick skin and could handle the stresses of being a manager. I feel that this quiz was right on, I do not think 5 years ago I would