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Leslie Hill
Unit 6- Bureaucratic Control Systems
Professor Ness

The discrepancy Lei discovered of the time sheet and expectations of duties that employees should be performing can be resolved by using the bureaucratic control system. An understanding of this control system is important to implement the system. This control system is designed to measure progress toward set performance goals and apply corrective measures to ensure that performance achieves managers’ objectives. (Batemen, 328) In other words, control systems are to detect and correct discrepancies and variables turning results into the ultimate goal. The four steps are setting performance standards, measuring performance, comparing performance against the standards and determining deviations, and taking action to correct problems and reinforce success.
The first step, setting performance standards means a desired performance according to company policy to achieve the stated goal. Standards work as a benchmark to assess actual performance by the company. For example, Dalman and Lei can use technology for employee time tracking and will allow only upper management to be able to adjust any time. This will eliminate manual time sheets and record electronically which can be viewed regularly and avoid human error.
The second step, measuring performance can be obtained by three sources written reports, oral reports, or personal observation by the manager. (Bateman, 329) Written reports can be computer printouts for say waste reported at each location. Oral reports can be employees reporting to the supervisor of customer issues or problems. A supervisor reporting to their manager of customer issues and taking steps to resolve the problem. Observation can be the manager or Dalman and Lei observing performance throughout the location. Dalman and Lei can assess the information collected and compare to the new standards and fix any discrepancies.
The third step, comparing performance against the standards and determining deviations means the manager evaluates performance. Dalman and Lei would be able to see how many adjustments were made to clock in and out times, absenteeism, performance levels of employees, and money earned per shift. The principle of exception is comparing performance with standard. (Bateman, 330) Using technology