Management Week One Individual Essay

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Week one individual assignment


Kelly Felkin

Ethan Vanscoy

February 13, 2013

When a person is making decisions especially major or important business decisions there should be a considerable thought process leading up to the decision. Lets examine a business decision I did a few years ago. I was a drug addict and a criminal from a young age, made a lot of bad choices. I used to go off half-cocked and do stupid things, I made decisions based on emotion, and how I felt at the time. I made selfish decisions that only benefited myself, and as long as I got what I wanted I didn’t care who it affected. Well, living a life of poor choices and bad decisions, led me to be sentenced to twelve years in the Texas department of Criminal Justice, in which I did five flat on before being released on parole. My first two years were bad I continued to allow my emotions to dictate my life for me which led to a really bad start on my new prison life. After a few years of living a life I was miserable in, I decided I wanted to change and better myself so that whenever I did get out I could actually stay out. I remember that being the hardest thing in my life I had ever tried to do. I failed over and over again and had all but given up till one day I went to church one day for the wrong reason ironically, and gave my will and life over to Jesus Christ.
From that day forth I had the ability to do that which I desired most, to be a better man. I began by enrolling into Alvin Community College to begin taking classes to obtain an associates degree. I was given an opportunity to be a general clerk in the kitchen while incarcerated, I handled all the books did the shipping and receiving for all kitchen orders, hiring, firing, scheduling, and all of the captains office duties. I have never had any formal training, I just took to it like a duck to water, my skills on that job led me to pursue a business degree. Well after about a year and a half of having that job, I realized that two of my stock clerks were stealing from the kitchen, and cooking the books, I became hip to their operation because I checked in all inventory sheets when trucks were delivered. I went and pondered and prayed on how to assess this urgent situation. I weighed the risks and consequences against one another. If it got out that I turned them in and they got a major disciplinary as well as immediate termination from their jobs, I would be