Essay about Management and Time

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Task 1
I recently started my new role and, after familiarising myself with the various tasks and processes, identified a time management issue within my role and started to look at ways to resolve it.
My new involves identifying the requirements of the store and planning for the delivery of those requirements in the time frame provided by the business development team.
I identified that there were problems occurring due to the way in which the project information was provided. The project appears on a weekly document showing all upcoming projects, this document indicates the type of project and the time lines for delivery. I would then wait for the information to filter through to me before starting to plan the project and place the
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What will you do to take account of these? What's your action plan?

A review of all other forms is now under way, with the view to making them uniform as much as possible but most importantly making them useable.

The next excerpt is an example of my replies to other student’s posts following their reflection
I’m coming in a bit late here due to being on holiday. I had same thoughts as you Mark regarding comments made and the difference between Managing Time (effectively) and Managing Time (recording)
An area of work I need to improve is the management of email Inbox. I have difficulty in refraining from having a read of an email as soon as it arrives, which not only interrupts current work, but I still need to go back to it later. When I do go for a "Clear Out”, it may be in no particular order, quick wins are targeted, and larger matters deferred.
An aim is to introduce a priority/time managed system, with periods of the day set aside for certain work categorisation topics such as Finance, Manning, Operational, customer etc. If they