Ldr 531 Motivation Plan

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Motivation Plan
Shawn McFadden
July 1, 2014
Richard Bowman
Motivation Plan
I chose as my mentor Store Manager Happy Hollingsworth of Wal-Mart store #3465 in Glendale Arizona, not only is he my mentor during this course he has been my mentor for over two years. Store managers core roles are vast, he has responsibility over customer service, supervising managers and associates, enforcing company regulations, and taking care of various administrative tasks. He also takes care of payroll, schedule employees, delegate daily assignments, implement promotional campaigns, track inventories, analyze and report sales data, and coordinate merchandise shipments. After Happy and I analyzed the results of Team C’s DISC Assessment and based off the assessment he has decided that I would fill the role of Co-manager and the other four members would be assistant managers of various departments. In this paper I will analysis specific differences in attitudes, emotions, personalities, and values among my team members, and address how each difference might be used to positively influence behavior. There are four behavior styles on the team two dominate, one steadiness, interactive and a conscientious.
Here is the team lay out I will be a Co-manager that answers directly to Store Manager Happy. He chose me to fill this role because of my directness and attention to details I am a good team player and when given a task that need to be done Happy knows that it will be done to 100% of his liking. As Co-manager my main concern is bottom line results after all that’s what retail main objective is. Happy know believe in productivity and setting goals. Happy agrees with my assessment as described my style accept challenges, take authority, and go headfirst into solving problems. Happy’s advice to me in order to motivate the rest of the time is to dial back a bit. Know that mistakes will be made by the team and to go easy. Delegate some of my authority to the rest of the team and give them some head way as stated in the Disc assessment (Alessandra, 2014, Pg 49). Happy knows that my military experience will sometimes come out so he advises me not to be very bossy and try and collaborate with others to achieve a common goal.
Asset Protection Manager
Assuming the role of Asset Protection Manager will be the other dominate member of the team, mainly because the dominate style generally like to work alone, this team member is a lot like myself and will need to follow the same advice that Happy and the Disc assessment advises. The asset Protection Manager is responsible for managing lose that may occur in the store. This manager does not work for the store but works with the store and must learn how to influence people with no since of control. This team member must learn to get the buy in of associates that are being tasked to complete a task that may result in recovering lose to the store. One of the most important roles this team member must do as a dominate is to influence decisions, provide alternative actions with brief supporting analysis(Alessandra, 2014, Pg 42). This is important because the asset protection manager’s analysis a large degree of reports and when a change takes place showing the data and the direct results if an associate follows the new task that needs to be achieved. When an asset protection manager needs to make a change it is good to show the positive results from the change in order to get buy in. Being that myself and the asset protection manager need to work closely with each other and our behavior styles are the same we need to both learn how to actively listen to each other and recognize the achievements of each other when achieving a same goal. We need to learn to be patient with other and be more relaxed and started to pace ourselves (Alessandra, 2014, Pg 42).
Front End Manager
The front end manager is a unique position; this manager is responsible for the operations of registers associates,