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Executive Summary
In 1986, Charles W. Hull the inventor of the first Stereolithography rapid prototyping system founded 3-D Systems. Over the past twenty years, 3-D has grown into a global company delivering advanced solid imaging solutions to every major market around the world. According to the company President, Abraham N. Reichental, the company relocated its new global headquarters to Rock Hill to reduce its overall cost, and to display it state-of-the-art rapid manufacturing center. This decision was also in part to their partnership with York Technical College which has a high tech facility known as “3-D University,” adjacent to the corporate headquarters. York Technical students can earn a two-year associates’ degree in raid prototyping and manufacturing, which is a wonderful opportunity for our community. 3-D is the leading provider of rapid 3-D printing, prototyping and manufacturing solutions and part of a very young, high-tech industry, still in its infancy with unlimited possibilities.

The Company’s solid imaging technologies are used to generate product concept models, precision and functional prototypes, master patterns for tooling, and end-use production parts for direct manufacturing. There family of system solutions utilize over 387 patented, proprietary processes to fabricate physical objects using input from computer-aided design and manufacturing software, or 3-D scanning and sculpting devices. Combining hardware, software, materials, process, expert customer service and application support, they deliver a tightly integrated value-based solution to their customers. Improving their customers’ bottom line is the key to their ability to deliver on an ongoing basis measurable economic benefit. Customer relationships are developed and nurtured by their sales, technical field support, applications engineering and customer service professionals, and supported by their manufacturing and development experts.

3-D has a worldwide network of 10 facilities servicing their customers’ operations in more than 80 countries. They have the largest direct global sales, service and applications engineering organization in the industry, and they augment, enhance and amplify their presence through their partnerships with quality strategic distributors, and agents to assist in servicing all of their customer needs. 3-D strive to provide their 351 employees with individual recognition for contributions to company objectives, equal opportunity based on individual job performance, direct two-way communication to ensure equitable and consistent treatment for all and to allow every employee an opportunity to participate, progressive, competitive pay and benefit programs and a management team that is responsive to employee problems and concerns. 3-D attracts and develops highly trained technical experts who are passionate about helping their customers succeed.

The company’s diverse group of employees is made up of scientist and engineers from all over the world. One of their top engineers has a special work visa that is only issued to Nobel Peace Prize winners. Their employees are committed to understanding the diverse businesses and operations of their customers around the world. They derive operational and competitive advantages from their core values, which are central to the way they conduct their business every day. Their clear priorities coupled with their strong Code of Conduct constitute the foundation of the company, and as such serve as the operational and ethical guide to everything they do. The company has five stated priorities, which are their customers’ success, improving cash flow and return on assets, operational excellence, and innovation and to increase earnings per share that will be discussed more in a later section.
Mission Statement
“To continue to be the leading provider of solid imaging solutions…Combining innovative three dimensional (3-D) hardware,