Manager Skills Essay

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Manager Skills
Valerie Johnson
American InterContinental University Online

It takes a lot of work to be a manager. A manager must be able to motivate staff member and so on. In this essay the reader will learn what skills an individual must have to be eligible to be a manager.

Manager Skills A recruiting manager for a new organization is working on recruiting a manager for the service division. The vice president of the service division stressed to the recruiting manager, that the department is new and requires a good manager who has the following skills; conceptual, communication, effectiveness, and interpersonal. In addition to this, the person needs to be experienced in planning, organizing, leading, and controlling a new service department to provide excellent customer service.
Planning plays a very important role in being a manager. The manager should be able to set goals, establish strategies, and develop plans to coordinate activities. According to Important Functions (n.d.), Planning consists of formulation of objectives, policies, programs, procedures and other names of achieving these objectives. In order for the planning process to go smoothly the manager must have good communication skills. Communication skills are the ability to translate ideas into words and actions among colleagues listening to them and asking questions. Once goals are set and strategies are developed, the manager must be able to organize them.
Organizing is basically what needs to be done, how it will be, and who is to do it. This is a critical part to being a manager, because it involves designating responsibilities to workers for them to execute and reach goals that are set. In addition to organizing, conceptual skills are needed. Organizing and conceptual skills go hand in hand. According to Managerial Skills (2009), Conceptual skills is the ability to use information to solve business problems, identification of opportunities for innovation, recognizing problem areas and implementing solutions, selecting critical information from masses of data, understanding the business uses of technology, understanding the organization’s business model. The most important skill of all is leading. A manager must be able to lead to lead colleagues and designate duties. Leading is the motivating, leading, and any other actions involved in dealing with people. The manager must be able to obtain respect from workers in order to properly lead. If the manager tries to be friends with everyone and let them do what they, when it comes to doing their work it will go lacking. With this being said the workers won’t take the manager seriously. In addition to this, interpersonal skills play a part in leadership skills. Interpersonal skills are training and mentoring, diversity skills; working within the organization, networking outside the organization, working in teams; cooperation and commitment.
Lastly is controlling. Controlling is simply coordinating and