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MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONSManagers spend their days juggling projects, people, and problems. Good managers have learned how to balance them. They complete projects successfully and on time, guide and support their employees, maintain good relationships with customers, and solve problems quickly and decisively. Less effective managers often get bogged down and sidetracked. A good manager recognizes challenges and finds ways to solve them. Less effective managers may not even recognize the real challenges they face. Challenge #1: Not Managing! Believe it or not, many managers fail simply because they do not manage! A manager must plan, organize, communicate, negotiate, and lead people toward a common goal. Too often, some managers either do not understand these responsibilities or do not want them. Managers who fail to manage will lose control of situations, people, and their own professional careers. For example, Susan is a "friend" to several of her employees. She lets them do what they want because she feels uncomfortable correcting their unprofessional behavior. Not surprisingly, the remaining employees resent her actions and have complained to her boss. Susan is supposed to be a manager but she is not actually managing. Her first responsibility is to run her department efficiently. She must find a way to balance her personal relationships with her professional responsibilities. Challenge #2: Not Communicating Effectively Almost everything a manager does involves communication. He or she must communicate with employees, customers, other managers, and bosses about a variety of subjects. This communication includes verbal, non-verbal, and written efforts. If a manager is not communicating well in these areas, chances are, he or she is not a very effective manager. Verbal communication is straightforward: it is the words you say (or do not say). Written communication is anything that involves writing including penmanship. Non-verbal... [continues]Read full essay

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