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The major tactics of WWI and WWII are similar but due to technological advancement the intentions of certain tactics that are seen in WWI become the main tactics used in WWII:


Blitzkrieg, used first Ludendorff Offensive- storm troopers- idea of stunning the enemy

Needed movement

WWII blitzkrieg used successfully in

Blitzkrieg allowed the germans to be able to successfully invade most of Europe even with quite a small army

"Speed, and still more speed, and always speed was the secret……..and that demanded audacity, more audacity and always audacity."
Major General Fuller

U-boats and submarines

Used in both wars- had more effective technology in WWII

But there was less need for them- didn’t have to use them to try break out of blockade, also due to planes there was a tactical shift away from the sea.

‘Enemy submarines are to be called ‘U-boats’. The term ‘submarine’ is to be reserved for Allied underwarter vessels. U-boats are those dastardly villains who sink our ships, while submarines are those gallant and noble crafts which sink theirs’ – Winston Churchill

Terrorisation of civilians


Mainly used in WW1 to target the economy of a country

London Raids from 1915-1917

Britain were forced to make tactical changes to overcome the zeppelins. They’re planes couldn’t climb high enough and their bullets couldn’t penetrate the zeppelins.

Technical advances allowed Britain to defend against the Zeppelins, changes in planes allowed them to climb higher.

Used in WW2 to to terrorise civilians, attack the military and also the infrastructure of a country

Zeppelins were also accompanied by planes in WW2 as a defence and an offence

Hitler also used them to drop propaganda posters all over the enemy lines

Luftwaffe was the main support to the German army

Luftwaffe was the name of the German airforce.

Was more advanced than the British airforces. They were given maps so as they knew where they were bombing

Was used during the invasion of poland in 1939, they came in first and everyone else followed. The Luftwaffe was the main component in the german blitzkrieg plans.

Luftwaffe were mainly planes but were accompanied by some zeppelins


First used Battle of Somme

WW1 and WW2 tanks were used differently, During WW1 the tanks was used to protect troops while in WW2 tanks were used as independent offensives during blitzkrieg attacks- more effective this way

Tanks During WW1

Used to bring back mobility to the western front

The Idea of the tanks was that with the used of the caterpillar tracks they could break through the barbed wire and push the enemy back

The tank tactics in WW1, were for the first wave to crush gaps in the wire , then fan out to fire down the enemy trenches , while the second wave drops facines ( large bundles of wood ) and with supporting infantry would clear the trenches.

First effective use was at the battle of the Somme in 1916

Biggest success was at the battle of Cambrai in november 1917

Tanks During WW2

Blitzkrieg or Lightening war

No one wanted a long war

Germany’s tactic was to defeat the enemy quickly in short campaigns

Tanks were a major component of Blitzkrieg

Not only tanks were used. There were other major parts such as, planes and artillery.

Once they were through enemy lines, the tanks could roam freely behind the lines so as to cause shock and disorganisation in the enemies defences

Blitzkrieg was successfully used against, Poland (september 1939), Denmark (April 1940), Norway (april 1940), Belgium (may 1940), the netherlands (may 1940), Luxembourg (may 1940), France (may 1940), Yugoslavia (April 1941) and Greece (april 1941)

Change of tactics due to experience:

End of WWI- Versailles, pacts/ treaties promising other countries military security- naval agreement with Britain?

WWI contrast WWII stalemate and movement

WWI can be seen as a