Essay ManagerDISC & Careers Final Project

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ManagerDISC & Careers Final Project

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Table of Contents


Part 1:
A review/summary of the ManagerDISC information received in Part I, II and III, and your own personal reflections on the information

Part 2:
A list and discussion of at least three potential jobs (in sport) you would like to have in the future and believe might be a good fit (based on your ManagerDISC Profile Report)

Part 3:
Conduct a 30-minute face-to-face informational interview with an individual who works in sport (ideally someone who currently has one of the three potential jobs you desire)

Part 4:
Prepare the documents necessary for applying for an entry-level job in sports

1. Cover letter
2. Resume/CV
3. List of 3 references and their information

Part 1. A review/summary of the ManagerDISC information received in Part I, II and III, and your own personal reflections on the information

Answer the following questions. You may copy and paste information from your ManagerDISC report, however, make sure that the information is organized and understandable. After you copy and paste the appropriate information, consider the accuracy of the results. Do you agree or disagree with a few, some, or all of the information listed? Explain.

You tend to make decisions slowly and carefully, only after consideration of all variables and inputs.
You like your space to be neat and well organized
People who score like you may tend to bog down in details during some decision-making processes, thinking that there may be more information forthcoming that might impact the direction of the decision.
You tend to maintain a keen awareness of time- you will be on time or early for appointments and expect the same consideration of your time from others.
You tend to judge others by objective standards, and want to be evaluated yourself by specific criteria that is provided, preferably in writing.
You tend to hide your emotions, and are quiet among groups of people unless asked for input or if the topic is one of high importance to you.
You will take calculated, educated risks only after a thoughtful analysis of the facts and data, and have analyzed options and potential outcomes.
You tend to evaluate others by how well they implement and execute procedures, standards, and quality action. That is, you hold others accountable to the same standards that you maintain for yourself; high standards.

What do you think about this information? Explain.
I agree with most of these behavioral characteristics. Many people are assigned a task and immediately get up, moving, and begin trying to solve the problem. When I’m faced with a task or decision I tend to spend awhile thinking about the task and all that it entails. Sometimes this can be misinterpreted for laziness but in actuality I’m just trying to pay attention to all the details, sometimes to a fault. My space at home is usually disorganized and not very neat. However I’m very neat at work and make sure my work area is straightened to my standards. This helps me stay on task and also removes distractions. Having clutter in my work area also brings out feelings of being overwhelmed. I’m almost always on time for work or work related things. I do show up late to other things such as appointments. I also don’t usually care when people are late as long as it isn’t an excessive amount of time (20 minutes or more). I definitely like things to remain objective, not only when judging people. I rather deal in facts and avoid opinionated viewpoints. I also prefer having tasks presented to me in a straightforward way so I know exactly what I need to do. I almost always hide my emotions and ideas when it comes to