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Managerial accounting is based on informational systems for determining internal planning, business decisions, and control influence to establish the value of a company.

This textbook include 15 chapters which mentioned in this study are reporting & decision, performance measurement, budgetary control and capital investment. Actually, I am not interested in all of 15 chapters, only chapter 8--Profit Planning, chapter 9--Flexible Budgets and Performance Analysis, Chapter 11—Performance Measurement in Decentralized Organizations, Chapter12—Differential Analysis: The Key to Decision Making, Chapter 13—Capital Budgeting Decisions, Chapter 14—Statement of Cash Flows and Chapter 15—Financial Statement Analysis are my favorite chapters. Through this class I would like to learn the following knowledge:
How to prepare the financial statement budget such as a cash budget, a budgeted income statement and a budgeted balance sheet
How to choose and use approaches for profit planning such as developing budgets, standard costing, flexible budgeting and variance analysis.
How to perform differential analysis through accounting data to identify issue of business
How to perform and explain a capital budgeting for decision making as they apply to capital budgeting and utilizing the processes designed for capital.
How to perform and explain the financial statement analysis
Management manager know that they are adding value because people seek their advice for a variety of business