Managerial Behavior

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Managerial behavior
Jennifer Howard
Rasmussen College
Managerial Behavior
Managerial behavior refers to the desire to carryout innovations aimed at changing the status quo. Managerial behavior helps a leader/manager to lead through providing them with the functional and technical skills they need to steer through the day to day challenges they face in the today’s complex organization. This paper will narrowly look at the consolidated product and compare the managerial behavior of two of its managers.
To begin with Ben was very concerned about the welfare of the workers. He went ahead and constructed a fitness center for them and sponsored several social activities for them. Contrary, Phil Jones saw this as wastage of company recourses. When he took over, he trimmed several activities e.g. picnics and the fitness center (Smith et al, 2002). Ben employed participative leadership in his management as he freely interacted with the workers. Phil Jones on the other hand applied task-oriented behavior. Ben tried in his management to retain his employees while Phil Jones believed that there was no need for employees who didn’t perform accordingly. Ben’s leadership in more inspirational compared to Phil Jones leadership.
Ben had a positive influence on the employee attitude. He treated the employee right and he believed that an organization shouldn’t lose its skilled employees through layoffs. He empowered his supervisor to make independent decisions. His type of leadership targeted high long term performance of workforce (Smith et al, 2002). On the other hand Jones leadership style was not that friendly to employees