Managerial Challenges In The Workplace

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Brianna Smith
Psy 435
November 12, 2011
Dr. Simone Senhouse

Abstract: This paper discusses common problems that managers often face when dealing with employees, as well as the the solutions that the manager(s) attempt to utilize to solve theese problems. This paper discusses the authors in depth Interview with the manager (Brandon Skwirsk) of a local footlocker store. This paper explores the managerial problems Brandon faces on a regular basis with his employees. This paper lists and explains in details the problems and ways Brandon handles problems related to employee recruitment, motivation, training, employee attitudes, feedback, incentives, and managing conflict between employees with employees, and
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Along with motivating employees comes the sometimes struggle with attitudes on the job. The author asked Brandon how he handled or reinforced job attitudes both positive and negative by his employees (Appendix A6). Brandon replied that he takes time out of his work day to approach employees that are both showing either positive or negative attitudes. Of course positive jobs on the attitudes is usually shard with the customers and great for business, however negative attitudes towards customers or fellow employees can severely bring down the energy of the work environment, not to mention lower sales. Brandon explained how he approaches and takes the particular employee who is having a negative attitude aside to speak with him/her one on one in order to understand the reason for their negative attitude. He finds that his employees typically have a positive attitude unless they are having a bad day. Brandon listens to the concerns or issues going on with the employee in question and offers a “pep talk” to get them back out on the sales floor in a more positive mood. Brandon did stress that if he continually has issues with an employee with a negative attitude towards peers or customers and it gets to be an everyday occurrence and the attitude does not “shape up', after several warnings (counselings) and documentation of such he will fire the employee because it is bad for business (Skwirsk, 2012). The author also asked Brandon how he gives feedback to his